Bird Construction Mission Statement

Bird Construction turns ideas into reality through a tradition of building trust, delivering exceptional client service and creating value.


Safety is a moral obligation. Our goal is to attain and sustain a zero incident frequency.
We believe that the best results are achieved when everyone works together; our staff, our clients, our consultants, and our subcontractors and suppliers.
Honesty & Integrity
We do what we say. We are always honest, truthful and conduct ourselves with integrity.

We treat others as we wish to be treated.
Professionalism & Excellence
We conduct ourselves in a manner of which we are proud; as individuals, and as representatives of our company and industry.
Personal Growth
We support our employees in their goal to expand their skills and experience. We believe that employees are entitled to meaningful, satisfying work as they help advance the goals of the company.


Client Satisfaction
Client satisfaction is our future business. Our goal is to move beyond client satisfaction to client loyalty by completing our work in the field and in the office on schedule, and by paying attention to the details.
Commitment & Discipline
We understand that self-discipline and commitment are the foundations of our corporate and personal success.
Corporate Organization
Our business is organized into districts with responsibility for their own profit performance. We recognize that the best results are achieved when all districts work together to achieve the overall goals of the company. Joint district conducted initiatives share profits on an equitable basis. Rewards for the members of the district are based on the performance of the district and the individual’s contribution.
Employee Ownership
All of our employees are encouraged to hold an ownership stake in the company, either on their own initiative or through company sponsored programs. We believe the goals of the employees and the shareholders are best aligned when our employees have an ownership stake in the company.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve challenging schedule goals.
Our clients deserve to have their job executed properly the first time. Quality is a requirement, not only of the final product, but also in our relationships with our clients and business partners.
Focus on Areas of Expertise
We are a disciplined Company that focuses on market areas where we have expertise and where we are, or can be, market leaders.
Value Creation
We use our expertise and creativity to enhance the value of the services we provide to our clients and our company.
We place a high value on our dedicated and loyal employees. They are the lifeblood of the company and deserve loyalty in return.
The sustainability of the company for the benefit of our employees and shareholders is only achievable if it generates a fair profit. We strive toward this goal, but always operating in accordance with our values.

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