Tim Talbott
President & CEO

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Commitment to building a true safety culture

Two clichés of modern business are that “our people are number one” and “safety is our top priority.” All manner of companies proclaim this regardless of what their record indicates or what your actual experience with them may be – as an employee, a customer, or as a client. 

However, the reality is on a construction site the difference between being fully committed to people and safety and not being fully committed can often be measured in life-altering injuries… or lives. 

The impact of workplace incidents often extends well beyond the injured worker and can have a devastating impact upon co-workers, families, friends, and entire communities. Not taking the appropriate precautions is simply not worth the risk. 

At Bird Construction, we believe that ensuring the safety of our employees, subcontractors and any other visitors to our job sites or offices is a moral obligation. Here, safety is not a competing priority with schedules or profitability, it is a company value that is invested and embedded in the way we undertake our business. 

At Bird we recognize provincial regulations for what they are: minimum standards to be rigorously upheld and exceeded where best practice dictates and where the safety of workers is not assured. 

We believe that safety is everybody’s responsibility, every minute of every day on every job. Our goal is to create and sustain an environment and culture where everybody understands, accepts, and actively shares in this responsibility – knowing that the lives that we are affecting extend well beyond our own. 

To this end, Bird Construction commits that every reasonable effort shall be made in the interest of accident prevention to provide for safe and healthy working conditions, to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers or damage to property and equipment, and to promote a culture of shared accountability. 

We will work with our employees, our subcontractors, our clients and our suppliers in a spirit of consultation and co-operation to achieve this. We will work with our employees both directly and through their safety representatives and their joint health and safety committees. 

Together, we will be a leader in occupational health and safety. 

Building together, we will strive to ensure that when every worker leaves their job at Bird every day and returns home, they do so just as healthy and safe as when they arrived. This is the essence of a true safety culture that will be Built By Bird.

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