Contract Awarded for Casey House Redevelopment Project

TORONTO, March 6, 2015 /CNW/ - Casey House and Infrastructure Ontario (IO) announced today that the facility has signed a fixed-price contract with Bird Construction, to build and finance their redevelopment project. Today's announcement signifies that all contractual steps have been completed and Bird Construction will begin to mobilize on site immediately.

The Facility Replacement Project will provide more efficient, seamless HIV/AIDS health care by allowing for a new day health program and consolidating all current programs and services under one roof. This 58,000-square-foot project involves renovating an existing heritage property and the construction of a new facility.

The new facility will accommodate: 
  • 14 private in-patient beds, including two respite beds 
  • office space for home care programs 
  • therapy rooms and community space for a day health program 
  • new spaces for administrative and support services

The Casey House project underwent an open, fair and competitive procurement process and Bird Construction submitted the proposal which delivers the best value for Ontario taxpayers.

At the peak of construction there will be approximately 200 workers on site. Bird Construction estimates that approximately 100 per cent of the labour for Casey House's replacement project will come from the Greater Toronto area.

The contract commits Bird Construction to build and finance the Casey House facility redevelopment project for $32 million, which will be paid out when construction is completed in late 2016.
Contract Awarded For Casey House Redevelopment Project : News & Media : Bird Construction