Fort McMurray Update: Drinking it all in

As residents and officials in Fort McMurray set about restoring some sense of ‘normalcy’ to their devastated community, it’s worth profiling an important role that members of the Bird family have been playing in making that possible: restoring potable water to the city

This is no small feat and required the assistance of experts in water and wastewater to partner with local contractors, regional and provincial authorities, and lead engineering and consulting firms to tackle this major undertaking.

Following on offers of assistance from Bird/Nason to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), we were first approached to provide critical support to Associated Engineering, who is heading-up the reservoir cleaning side of the operation.

Within two days of the initial engineering assessment, we were on-site to conduct our own assessments and within three days, a crew of 75 people were mobilized. Despite a flare-up of fires within the city shortly after their arrival that forced the crews to briefly evacuate, the team were back in three days and began the process of cleaning the reservoirs.

As you can imagine, for an operation of this magnitude, working seamlessly with local contractors has been critical to ensuring the work is expedited efficiently and effectively. In this we have been fortunate to have had incredible local partners committed to rebuilding and restoring their community. From a Bird/Nason perspective, this has also been a true team effort as reflected in the composition of our core team that consists of key contributors from both Nason and our Calgary district, which was also able to contribute a number of resources with experience working on pump stations as well as cleaning reservoirs – a true testament to the breadth of knowledge and experience we are able to draw on from across the organization to serve our clients and communities.

Contributing to the growth, development and sustainability of communities is what we do. We do it from coast-to-coast and in a wide variety of ways, utilizing an impressive array of dedicated and talented employees and partners.

When it comes to restoring potable water to Fort McMurray, it’s a lot to drink in.

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