HJO selected as the provincial finalist at the Grand Prix Santé et Sécurité du Travail awards ceremony

The Grand Prix Sante et Securite du Travail (Great Occupational Health & Safety) awards are presented annually by CNESST, the provincial authority for all occupational health and safety standards in Quebec. 

On September 30th, H.J. O’Connell (HJO), through its operating company les entreprises de construction de Quebec ltee (LECQ), was in attendance as a nominee in the innovation category for large companies to determine the finalist for the Greater Montreal area. Other nominated companies in the category included Bombardier, ABB Automation Group and Rolls Royce Canada.

The HJO innovation was a lockout mechanism for their heavy equipment in Mont-Wright.

We are pleased to announce that HJO was the successful nominee for Greater Montreal and is now a finalist for the provincial awards competition in Quebec City in 2017!

Congratulations to the maintenance department and the entire company for creating and fostering a safety culture that encourages innovation to improve the way we work and keep all workers safe. 

As well, we’d like to recognize the efforts of Chawki Kostantin, senior equipment engineer, for his commitment to this endeavor.In preparation for the finals, there will be promotional filming of the HJO innovation, team member testimonials, as well as TV and radio publicity. When the video is available, we will share it with you. 

 ​Above (L to R): Tony Martineau & Chawki Kostantin at the awards ceremony

More about the innovation:

One of Bird’s four safety absolutes is energy isolation, ensuring all stored energy sources are safely released or blocked by following safe lockout procedures. As an employer, it is our responsibility that for every machine we own and operate, we have a procedure describing how the energy control methods are applied. 

In discussion with long-term business partners Komatsu and Caterpillar, we discovered that standard safety procedures in place in our industry were not controlling all energy sources during lockout procedures. Often times, a machine is still producing residual energy to allow maintenance work to be carried out. 

To help eliminate the risk associated with that residual energy during maintenance, the HJO team created lock mechanisms that can be installed on the pedals of excavating equipment during maintenance (photos below). This lock eliminates the machine’s ability to be set into motion, including reverse controls.

In keeping with our company mandate, we strive to embed a safe production mindset into all aspects of our lives, whether at work or at home. Our safety culture is changing every day, and for the better, by means of the way our employees and safety leaders work to foster a safe environment for everyone. This safety innovation is a wonderful example of our people harvesting their creativity and passion to make our work and lives safer. Again, congratulations to HJO on this prestigious award! We look forward to the outcome of the provincial finals.

Hjo Selected As The Provincial Finalist At The Grand Prix Santé Et Sécurité Du Travail Awards Ceremony : News & Media : Bird Construction