Bird's 25 Year Club Welcomes a New Member

On Thursday, March 30, we celebrated the induction of the Bird 25 Year Club’s 182th member and eighth female, Carmen Ip, office manager for the Vancouver district. We celebrated Carmen’s achievements with a dinner, improv troop show, an open mic session and of course, speeches including the guest of honour herself to close out the evening.

Carmen was hired as district secretary in the summer of ’91 by Paul Raboud, manager of the Vancouver district at the time. Her roles included receptionist, accounting, payroll, proposal preparation and written content, which extended to project contracts, correspondences and meeting minutes — the list goes on and on. Carmen single-handedly managed all administrative tasks for two years until a full-time receptionist was hired in 1993. Soon after, she was promoted to office manager, a role that has evolved as the years progressed and the business grew to one that is more akin to that of district matriarch. For the past two decades, Carmen has worked tirelessly to maintain office services and efficiency, and supervise office staff and generally make sure the office is a well-oiled machine.

After 25 years of dedication to the company, a night out to celebrate her career successes and accomplishments with her family, friends and coworkers was a well-deserved acknowledgement. While the world of work and the employee-employer relationship continues to evolve, we are committed to evolving with it. Bird will remain a company where employees can continue to enjoy long, satisfying and challenging careers, and look forward to themselves one day proudly joining the 25 Year Club. 

Thank you again to everyone who made the evening a great success. And to Carmen, congratulations and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company.

Carmen Ip (left) and Ken Nakagawa (right)

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