Bird Construction unveils new, interactive website

As Originally Seen in the Daily Commercial News by Andre Widjaja :

The revamping of the Bird Construction website is also somewhat of a rebranding opportunity, said the company’s president and CEO Tim Talbott.

“The website is a very significant marketing machine,” he said of the new website, which also displays their slogan ‘Built by Bird’. “Whether we’re marketing to employees, marketing to our clients, marketing to our partners.”

The redesign took an updated approach to construction websites, which tend to contain an overload of text, whereas Bird’s new page is concise with words and generous with photos and animation. A large pop-up of the company’s logo appears when the site is first visited, followed by a brief slideshow of large photos that lead to sections on the site including projects, a brief run down on the company, a careers page and a section with information on the services it offers.

The interactive ‘Projects’ page offers information and images of some of the company’s previous work, giving users the option of viewing the section in a slideshow format.

“We felt by going to more photos with some specific targeted language attached to the photos, that would be the best way to convey the message about what we’re about and what we can do to satisfy our client’s demands, or an employee’s ability to have a successful career at Bird,” Talbott added.

In the 2010 edition of Leaders, Talbott talked about Bird’s challenge to hire new employees to accommodate their growing workload. In 2013, Talbott hopes the new website could be used as a tool to draw in new talent into the company with a brand new ‘Careers’ page. The section has two different application options for students/recent graduates and skilled professionals.

“We wanted a website that would be engaging to potential employees, whether they be new graduates or seasoned veterans,” he said. “We want them to see Bird as a mover and shaker in the construction industry.”

The last time Bird made a significant change to their site was in the mid 2000’s and it became dated, noted Talbott.

“We’ve outgrown the style and approach that we wanted to portray at that time,” he added. “The technology world is moving so fast that you have to keep up with the times.”

According to Talbott, the new design was a collaborative effort with Bird employees all across the country.

Bird Construction was founded in 1920 by H.J. Bird and currently has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax and Saint John.

The company recently acquired Nason Contracting Group Ltd. for approximately $13.3 million. They also acquired contractor H.J. O’Connell in 2011 for $77.5 million.

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