Pembina Hall wins 2013 Sustainability Award

The Pembina Hall Residence at the University of Manitoba has been selected as the winner of the 2013 Sustainability Award by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction’s (CISC) Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence. The 2013 awards drew 28 submissions representing a diverse range of innovative steel design and construction projects. 

The Pembina Hall Residence is a 15-storey student residence that was built above the existing Pembina Hall student building. During construction, Bird erected one of the largest steel box trusses ever installed in Manitoba. The truss joins the 14- and 15-storey towers at the fourth level spanning the existing building. The colossal 60-ton truss measures 168-feet long, 17-feet high and eight-feet wide. The truss took months of planning and fabrication, eight days of assembly and two 300-ton cranes to install. With no time in the schedule for delays or disruptions, Bird successfully delivered this contemporary, urban style high-rise building in time to house 360 students for the new school year.
Pembina Hall Wins 2013 Sustainability Award : News & Media : Bird Construction