Bird Lands 5th Position in Top 40 Canadian Contractors

Bird has moved up four positions in On-Site Magazine's Top 40 Canadian Contractors as the company takes the 5th place. In 2012, Bird achieved a record revenue of more than $1.4 billion. The company's growth over the past five years is attributed to our ongoing organic growth and acquisitions that have expanded our national presence and our ability to successfully execute challenging projects.

Below are president and CEO, Tim Talbott's comments to On-Site Magazine's question as to how to succeed in the Canadian Construction market: 

The market: Currently, the Canadian construction market is one of the more lucrative and active construction markets in the world, particularly compared to Europe and the US.
Opportunities: With this enhanced activity, the opportunities for construction projects should be reasonable.

Challenges: As one of the more attractive construction workplaces in the world, the Canadian market is drawing competition from other areas of the world where there is a construction downturn. This increase in competition is making it more difficult for Canadian firms to secure reasonable bookings of construction contracts and is having a negative impact on margins that this work will produce. Canadian contractors are a very talented group and should be rewarded for their stability and longevity in Canada.

Leaders: One of the most appealing skills is the ability to lead by example. While leaders need training in safety, finance, technical construction, human resources, communication skills and business development, to name a few areas, they should not ask any employee to conduct a task that they themselves would not be willing to do. Leaders should have experienced the wide range of job functions within the industry so they can understand how they relate to each other and how they impact a construction project or a construction organization. This teamwork is vital to the success of any organization or project within that organization.
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