Anzac Water Reservoir & Pump Station

Anzac Water Reservoir & Pump Station

anzac, alberta

CLIENT:Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
CONSULTANT:DCL Siemens Engineering Ltd.
CONTRACT TYPE:Stipulated Sum/Unit Price
Project VALUE:$10,000,000
Project SIZE:2,700 cubic m. reservoir
DURATION:22 months
Anzac Water Reservoir & Pump Station

Nason Contracting Group Ltd., a subsidiary of Bird Construction, constructed and commissioned the water reservoir and pump station in Anzac to provide potable water to the Anzac and Conklin area for both industrial and residential users. Due to the increase of construction activities in the area, there was a growing demand for potable water consumption in construction camps. Previously, water tankers were used to supply construction camps with potable water from as far away as Fort McMurray. Nason self-performed all major components of the project with their in-house trade contractors. The team experienced abnormally harsh weather conditions during October that persisted throughout the winter, impacting the project’s manpower scheduling. Therefore, Nason created a master schedule for all of their projects in the area to allow their craft workers to be positioned where needed.

Operation of the Anzac facility is entirely automated and is monitored from the water treatment plant central operations facility in Fort McMurray. The programmable logic controller (PLC) based control system at the facility is linked to the central operations room using a radio telemetry system between the two locations. Nason completed the electrical and instrumentation designs and produced all layouts, PLC wiring diagrams and loop diagrams for the project.

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