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Important Notice: Recruitment Fraud

Bird has become aware that fraudulent offers of employment have been extended to people residing within and outside of Canada. Individuals or organizations sending these false employment offers may request personal information or funds to further the recruitment process with Bird. Please be aware that Bird will never request money from job seekers, nor request personal information beyond what is required for a résumé. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Bird, will be required to go through a formal recruitment process including an interview with a member of the Bird recruitment team.


For Those Who Seek To Redefine

The greatest achievements in history are borne from the greatness within people – where human potential meets vision, and passion fuels evolution. Unlocking this potential is the most important thing we do at Bird.

As a leader in Canadian construction for over 100 years, the impact of our team is etched deeply within the core of our legacy. Beyond Bird, this impact is felt in the fundamental aspects of our everyday lives. From the critical infrastructure we depend on, to the energy and resources that keep us moving - we are powering our communities and shaping Canada's skylines coast-to-coast. Entrenched in the foundation of a culture built more than a century ago is an enduring quest to reimagine what is possible. Our impact is greater than ever, and we are looking for those who seek to redefine their story.



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We are a dynamic team of over 5,000 with a range of professions, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. This breadth of diversity in people and opportunities is one of greatest aspects of building your career with Bird. Every trajectory looks different. As you unlock your potential, you are surrounded by a team that supports you every step of the way.


Bird Career Opportunities

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Skilled Trades

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We deliver confidence through a client-centered approach that ensures the highest quality of service, reduces risk, and delivers results. Our comprehensive range of services offers opportunities to master your craft and excel in your skilled trade, all while putting safety first.



Bird Career Opportunities

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We are in pursuit of the next generation of aspiring leaders. We believe in building our future leaders, which is why our student program is paramount to the growth of Bird. The goal of the program is to provide students with practical work experience over repeat work terms, and full-time career opportunities upon graduation. At Bird, you will join a collaborative team, experience meaningful and challenging work opportunities, and expand your professional network in a supportive learning environment.

Bird Career Opportunities

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Why work for Bird?



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Jaden Hannah

In my first interview before I had gotten my position, I asked my interviewer what her favorite part about the company was and she responded with “the people.” On my first day I instantly realized why that was her favorite and it became my favorite aspect too. Every day at Bird I am reminded of how approachable, intelligent, kind, passionate and driven our employees are. Every individual contributes to this company and thus, every individual matters and is treated as an equal. This allows for a very humble and positive environment that facilitates growth not only in a professional sense, but in a personal manner too.

Jaden H., Project Coordinator

Nikita M

Working with Bird began as an opportunity to start a career in the construction industry. Over the years that same opportunity has grown into so much more. Bird and the people I work with have become part of my family. My time with Bird has allowed me to grow professionally, experience projects like no others and most importantly build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Nikita M., Quality Manager

Sujith Sundar

When I joined Bird as a VDC Coordinator, I didn't know what to expect, considering the fact that I was an International Student with cultural differences. However, Bird made sure I felt at home with the job at hand. I was able to converse and understand the minute intricacies of construction with some of the best colleagues and experienced professionals in the industry. On top of that, learning about VDC is in itself a great opportunity, and I am grateful for Bird for making me part of it and, in turn, creating optimism about my career in construction.

Sujith S., VDC Coordinator

William Levangie 

Joining Bird in Atlantic Canada as a young construction professional was an exciting shift in my career path. During my first interview with the company, it was immediately apparent that I wanted to work for Bird not only for their strong reputation in the industry and rich history, but also for the company culture. It was not long into my career at Bird where it became clear to me that Bird was a long-term home, a second family. The Bird management team, through challenging assignments and unique opportunities, allowed me to grow at a fast pace as a construction professional. Those opportunities and experiences working with the leadership team at Bird on challenging projects throughout the country has shaped my future at Bird. In addition to being provided opportunity to grow, Bird’s safety culture is leading the industry to new safety standards, a true reflection of Bird’s dedication to all of its employees. Coupled with a great company culture, Bird’s national portfolio of projects presents amazing opportunity for diverse work experiences, opportunity to travel and work in Canada’s construction market coast to coast. As a new leader in the company, I’m excited to continue my career growth and provide those same opportunities provided to me to new industry professionals.  

William L., Senior Project Manager

Andrew B

Why Bird? Where do I start? Bird allows me to financially care for my family. Bird invests in its leaders, like me. Programs such as the Bird Site Management Program (BSMP), which provides an experience that is world class and supports the growth of the next generation of leaders. Bird has an executive team that is very humble, with a deep understanding of how important its people are to all aspects of the business. With over one hundred years of experience, Bird shares with its team the pride that is associated with such an honourable accomplishment. Why Bird you ask? Because Bird is a company that puts its people first.

Andrew B., Superintendent

Shelly O’Donnell

When I joined, I immediately knew Bird was a company dedicated to its colleagues, clients, and key stakeholders.  Bird takes their responsibility of being a trusted and valued employer very seriously and uses a focused and balanced approach on people, profit, and product.  Every day, in every way, Bird is intentionally focused on providing enrichment, engagement, and most importantly empowerment into their culture at all levels.  Bird sees all colleagues as people not just as workers, which is evident through their focus on safety and on work life balance.  When you work for Bird, it is not just a job, it is a career – and you will grow and develop, as I have, both professionally and personally.  Other companies can provide similar systems and projects; but creating a culture of colleagues that lead with courage, collaboration, and compassion is not easily replicated.  Bird is passionate about building that culture and I am proud to work and learn amongst the best colleagues in the industry.

Shelly O., People & Culture Director

Evan F

I came to Bird a little over five years ago after working for the first twelve years of my career for a few other General Contractors. In the first couple months with Bird it was very apparent that they had a high level of integrity and honesty. This was a refreshing change to the status quo that I had sadly become accustomed to and aligned with my own morals and principles. The other stark difference that makes Bird Construction what they are is the great investments in training and development they make in their people. This investment from the company leads to the retention of talented individuals and the further reinforcement of a company who is the sum of its people.

Evan F., Project Superintendent

Annabelle Habart

I was hired by Bird as an Accounts Payable Specialist but my work experience was from a powerline company. At first, I didn’t really have the right background for the job, but this company gave me the chance I needed. I was partnered to work with the finest people, which made it easy to learn my new role. Endless opportunities are in front of me. All I need to do is take chances and embrace opportunities for growth. Bird allows me to be myself so I can perform well in this job. I am grateful for this experience.

Annabelle H., Accounts Payable Specialist

Stephanie Jiang

Before I had even applied for Bird, I knew what I was looking for in my career: transformational leadership, a collaborative and supportive environment, and a company that not only treats each employee with respect, but also believes in the power of investing in them. Although I knew what I wanted, I didn’t know whether it was possible. Now, after witnessing the compassion and resilience that each Bird employee uniquely embodies, I’m happy to say that it is possible. Every individual is going to have a different vision—or a set of qualities that allows you to thrive in your professional life; at the end of the day, I’m happy that I trusted my gut and that I chose myself. When it’s right, it’ll feel right. And for me, that was Bird.

Stephanie J., Marketing Coordinator


I love my job! The people here are amazing! I’ve received handwritten cards thanking me for my efforts and I continue to receive genuine praise and recognition from leaders. I know that my work here is appreciated and that motivates me to continuously go above and beyond. With additional learning opportunities, consistent career progress check-ins, and fair compensation, I only see things getting better and better with Bird.

Krisunda L., Administrative Assistant

Mike (Manning)

There are lots of General Contractors out there, and I’ve worked for a few of them. What sets Bird apart is the consistently high level of skill and respect in the people that work here. Everywhere you look, you see people raising the bar for themselves and helping others aim higher. It’s a fantastic culture of communal support and continuous improvement. It really feels like you’re part of an “Elite” team, and that makes it exciting to show up in the morning, and satisfying when you see the results of your hard work. This is the best place I’ve ever worked.

Mike M., National Commercial Quality Manager

Matthew H

When starting my journey with Bird, I stepped into a role at a company but also a family. I found a welcoming environment both in the office and on the job site that allowed me to learn and grow in my career. Bird recognizes that people drive success in this industry, shown through their ongoing commitment to their staff, trades, and clients. It has been an excellent opportunity to grow personally and relationally alongside members of various teams and departments, making me optimistic for a bright future with Bird Construction.

Matthew H., Project Coordinator

Julius V

After joining Stuart Olson in 2006 and becoming part of One Bird in 2020 – I have always been proud of this company and what it stands for. I joined the company as an apprentice and have grown with the company to become a Superintendent. Looking back on the relationships I have built over the years and the many different project I have worked on, there is one thought which runs through my mind: Trust. Trust between my co-workers to do the right thing and look out for one another. Trust in the company to look after their employees, stand up for their employees, and help their employees grow. Trust in our trade partners to work together and strive to create great buildings. Bird has endless possibilities – between all its different divisions of construction and our areas all across Canada. As we grow as a company, I intend to continue to grow with it.

Julius V., Superintendent

Where greatness grows

Be a part of our team, where we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the way we treat each other and our partners. You will build a career and long-lasting relationships based on respect, collaboration and a solution-focused mindset. Bird is a place where you will unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

Our Values

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Bird Benefits


Immediately upon starting with Bird you will have access to our full comprehensive benefits program, including health and dental insurance and our Employee Family Assistance Program.


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Health and Wellness

Flexible working hours, health and wellness benefits, engagement activities, and other employee perks.

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Learning and Development

Our goal is to create and sustain an open and transparent learning culture that promotes continuous improvement, shared accountability, and personal commitment to our individual and collective success. We believe that employees should drive their career development by having access to technical and soft-skills training.

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Retirement Savings

Planning for your future is important. At Bird, we provide company matched contributions up to 6% of your base salary through our Group Retirement Savings Program for eligible employees. This program provides you with the flexibility to purchase company stock and/or invest in segregated funds.



Third Party Recruitment

Recruitment Fraud

Bird has become aware that fraudulent offers of employment have been extended to people residing within and outside of Canada. Individuals or organizations sending these false employment offers may request personal information or funds to further the recruitment process with Bird.

Please be aware that Bird will never request money from job seekers, nor request personal information beyond what is required for a résumé. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Bird, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process including an interview with a member of the Bird recruitment team.

Bird Construction has an internal recruitment team. However, in special circumstances, we do partner with third-party recruitment agencies to supplement our internal process. We understand the effort required to source qualified candidates, which is why we carefully select third-party recruiters.

Recruitment agencies shall not contact employees directly to present candidates. Bird will not pay a fee to a third-party recruiter who has not coordinated their recruitment activity with a member of the Bird recruitment team, and who has not received written approval.

If you would like to be considered as a third-party recruiter, please contact the related Human Resources department in your area. Please note that this does not guarantee a contract or agreement.