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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Bird is committed to balancing the sustainability of the company, supporting communities, and becoming better environmental stewards. The company operates with integrity, has strong corporate governance, and invests in our employees as partners in the success of the company. Bird is investing in the communities in which we work, live, and build to strengthen our neighbourhoods for the next 100 years.


Building Green

We aspire to be a meaningful contributor in sustainable development. The company has developed a comprehensive sustainable construction strategy and implements dedicated tools and methods to maximize the sustainable value of each project.

We delivered the first Zero Carbon Certification in Canada for the retrofit of an existing building, Building NX at Humber College’s North Campus. The project included a complete envelope retrofit that is highly insulated and airtight, as well as energy efficiency upgrades to the heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

Bird brings superior value addition to projects seeking LEED® certification in the form of constructability, accelerated outcomes and improved cost-benefit ratio, especially projects that involve complex or innovative building systems.

Bird Construction is a member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and over the last decade, has acquired a significant portfolio of over 200 LEED certified projects. All districts within Canada have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and are committed to involvement in sustainable projects.

The company has also successfully executed a number of Green Globes compliant projects.

Our building green initiatives demonstrate Bird’s commitment to the environment and our innovative approach to sustainable design and construction.

mass timber roof structure

Lean Construction

Evidence-based Lean construction management for sustainable facilities is evolving rapidly. Lean Construction contributes to project value by identifying wasted resources and responds with a measured and improved planning process that assures reliable work flow and predictable project outcomes. This approach permeates Bird’s ability to create exceptional value for all project stakeholders.

Mass Timber

Bird is a North American leader in wood construction with un-matched expertise, experience, and supply chain knowledge. We are investing in low-carbon building solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry. With an in-depth understanding of the benefits and limitations of different mass timber and engineered wood products, we can deliver on efficient design strategies to maximize structural efficiencies and optimize your project’s results.

Learn more about our expertise in mass timber projects


As sustainable construction becomes a key focus for the industry and our clients, we look for innovative solutions that can improve our capability in delivering buildings that have a low-carbon footprint and use unique energy systems to reduce waste and cost.

Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design Construction allows us to use design construction intelligence to identify possible green solutions for your project. It provides you the opportunity to explore what systems or types of modelling like solar or energy modelling, might benefit your project.

Waste Diversion

Diverting waste from the landfill is a priority for Bird. We work to save energy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases through recycling and waste diversion. Indirectly, this lowers the cost for each project. Recycling is a more affordable option to delivering waste to the landfill.


Bird Construction is committed to contributing to the communities in which we live, work, and build. Through donations, scholarships, fundraising activities, and volunteer work, Bird employees consistently demonstrate a passion for giving back. Bird supports national charities, health care foundation initiatives, food and clothing banks, community festivals and events, youth and community sports, and much more.

Among the scholarships sponsored by the company are the Bird Build Your Future Alumni Award and the Bird Build Your Future Scholarships. These are in support of students in the Architectural/Engineering Technology or Construction Management programs at Red River College in Manitoba. Bird Construction also sponsors a number of scholarships in support of Indigenous post-secondary students across Canada, including the Scott Ferguson Memorial Scholarship, the Bird Heavy Civil Scholarship, the Langara College Scholarship, and the University of New Brunswick Scholarship.

Bird employees have played a major role in driving the company’s philanthropic successes over the past 100 years and will continue to support worthy causes in communities across Canada for the next 100 years because the strength of a community is determined by the individuals who live in it.



Bird employee posing with a piece of art work and a member of a First Nations community at an event
Bird volunteers serving food at charity

Indigenous Relations

Bird values the importance of creating inclusive, respectful, and equitable working environments. Reflected in Bird’s national Indigenous Engagement Policy, the company commits to approach our engagement in a constant and culturally appropriate manner, while considering the Truth and Reconciliation call to Action #92, and respecting the diversity of the Indigenous landscape in Canada.

Bird strives to be a positive contributor to the overall well-being of Indigenous Peoples with whom Bird interacts across Canada, and demonstrates this by respecting and promoting the rights of Indigenous peoples across our operations. Bird understands that contribution to economic reconciliation includes employing Indigenous peoples, purchasing from Indigenous businesses, conducting business with Indigenous partners, and conducting meaningful engagement. To support this, Bird has developed and implemented an Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training Program to better educate its management and employees and enable them to deliver on Bird’s commitment to its Indigenous Relations Policy, strategies and plans.

Corporate Governance Framework

The Board of Directors and the management of Bird are committed to a strong corporate governance framework. Our corporate governance policies and practices are intended to ensure the interests of our stakeholders are at the center of all decisions we make.

Our principal corporate governance documents can be found through the following links: