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Bird is embracing the rapid technological change that is disrupting the construction industry.

We are transforming our construction delivery processes to best leverage current technology, ensuring cost-effective service delivery. Your project will benefit from leading-edge technology that is changing the way we build, maximizing your project outcomes.

Key areas of current technology focus and process optimization include the following:

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

We leverage technology to deliver your project with greater certainty over design intent, estimating, and scheduling.

At Bird, we use building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) as an integrated process that contains all intelligent information of a structure in a single dedicated model that enables you to visualize the construction site and optimize the construction schedule. This reduces project risk, requests for information, and on-site change orders, resulting in a smoother project experience.

We use mechanical and electrical systems 'clash identification' in order to deliver more accurate shop and coordination drawings and we are able to assess building components throughout the lifecycle of a structure from concept to occupancy, supporting design phases, construction cost, project management, and facility management.

Digital Construction Management

Digitization of the job site, along with partner and stakeholder collaboration, is now standard on all Bird projects.

Electronic management, communication, and follow-up of all project drawings, photographs, RFIs, submittals, deficiencies, and quality considerations ensure that all project stakeholders are referencing a single version of the truth at any time, keeping your project on time and on budget.


Project Repository

Bird provides an effective collaboration and knowledge-sharing digital platform. All operations staff have immediate access to historical project data, allowing them to capture lessons learned, best practices, innovative solutions, and unique insights to inform your project.

Safety Management

We know your company is committed to safety, and so are we. Bird continues to drive safety culture change using industry-leading software technologies that allow for a safer project. Establishing standard practices and providing increased visibility to hazards, incidents, inspections, audits, safety meeting minutes, and required corrective actions, is a priority, and is resulting in safer work sites.

In addition to leveraging technology, Bird continually reviews business processes and analytics for optimization opportunities. We also look to identify ways in which we can improve your experience as the client, and ensure we are offering cutting-edge technology to improve your project outcomes.