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Power (Generation, Transmission,
Distribution & Storage)

Bird stands at the forefront of delivering innovative, low-carbon energy solutions across a diverse array of power sectors. Our expertise spans the broad spectrum of energy production and distribution, encompassing Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, Solar, and Wind power generation. Additionally, we specialize in the areas of Cogeneration & District Energy, ensuring efficient and localized energy distribution. 

Our commitment to sustainability is further emphasized through our involvement in the Transmission, Distribution, and Storage subsectors, where we focus on enhancing the reliability and efficiency of energy delivery. At Bird, we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. By joining forces with leading technology providers and engineers, we are not just participants but active leaders in the energy transition movement.

Our journey towards driving positive change in the industry is well underway. We are dedicated to providing premier performance in each project, reinforcing our role as your trusted partner in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative energy solutions.


  • Hydro
  • Nuclear
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • District Energy
  • Storage
  • Cogeneration
  • Thermal

Power Projects
(Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Storage)

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