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Large machinery on mining site and exterior image of gold mining facility

Mining & Mineral Processing


At the forefront of Canada's mining and mineral processing industry, our company distinguishes itself with unparalleled expertise and a dynamic approach, serving a diverse range of sectors including coal, diamonds, gold, iron ore, copper, nickel, and potash. With hands-on experience spanning contract mining, processing plant development, and tailings dam construction and management, we strive not only to move earth but also to advance resource extraction and processing methods, prioritizing efficiency and sustainability at every turn.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our precise management of complex processes, from crushing and milling to the utilization of advanced flotation cells and thickeners, enhancing the value and purity of minerals for global markets.

Our adaptability and comprehensive skill set shine in various mining methods, including overburden stripping, heavy civil project construction, and underground utilities. We take pride in delivering solutions that extend beyond mineral extraction, encompassing mine infrastructure development, ore preparation plants, and environmental control structures. This broad expertise underscores our dedication to the mining sector and our role in strengthening Canada's position in the global mining landscape.

Through collaborative partnerships with leading mining clients, we have forged a legacy of success, driving innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship to shape the future of mining and mineral processing.

Mining site showing levels of excavation

Mining & Mineral Processing Projects

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