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Light rail station and maintenance facility


Pioneering the evolution of Canada's transportation infrastructure, we redefine connectivity across urban and suburban landscapes. Our expansive portfolio spans light rail and rail networks, warehousing and logistics, airports, ports, and the foundational horizontal infrastructure that integrates these elements.

In light rail transportation, our expertise shines through comprehensive designs that ensure seamless operation, from track laying to station building, and advanced system integrations for safety and efficiency. Our team is attentive to rail transportation projects with robust construction, electrification, and maintenance practices ensuring reliable network performance.

Our vision encompasses the critical infrastructure supporting efficient movement and global connectivity. From optimized warehousing solutions to strategic airport and port developments, we focus on creating hubs that enhance the travel experience. Each project reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enhancement, driving forward a future where transportation systems are not just efficient but transformative.


  • Light Rail Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Stations 
  • Ports
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Airports
  • Horizontal Infrastructure
Light Rail tracks crossing a road

Transportation Projects

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