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Our experience in utilities projects span mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA systems, showcasing our dedication to excellence. We excel in one-pass trenching services, employing custom trenchless plowing, pipe pulling, and horizontal directional drilling to redefine industry standards. Our specialized equipment is tailored for the efficient installation of cables, polyethylene pipes, fiberoptic cables, steel pipelines, and fiberglass composite pipes across various utility subsectors, including telecommunications, oil and gas, and water services.

In communications, we ensure the seamless integration of telecommunications infrastructure with essential utility projects, establishing reliable networks. Our approach extends to vital services in the water industry, including sewer and stormwater systems, and the natural gas sector, underlining our commitment to providing comprehensive utility solutions. Leveraging innovative techniques and specialized equipment, we meet the needs of these sectors with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


  • Sewer
  • Telecom
  • Water Mains
  • Natural Gas 
  • Other

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Utilities Projects

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