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January 24, 2024

Bird Construction Announces the Retirement of Ms. Bonnie DuPont as Independent Director

DATE: January 23, 2024


Bird Construction Inc. ("Bird") (TSX: BDT) announced today that Ms. Bonnie DuPont has retired from her position as Independent Director on the Board, effective January 15, 2024. Following Ms. DuPont’s retirement, the total number of Board members has been reduced from eleven to ten.

Ms. DuPont served on the Board since 2011. As an independent Board member and the Chair of Bird’s Human Resources and Governance Committee, Ms. DuPont oversaw a period of significant modernization of the Company’s executive compensation program. In addition, Ms. DuPont contributed significantly to the maturity of Bird’s governance practices and oversight, building on the Company’s belief that good corporate governance is a pillar of its strategy.

A Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) since 2015, a graduate of the ICD Corporate Directors’ Education Program, and a lecturer in the Directors’ Education Program offered by the ICD, Ms. DuPont brought a robust skill set and deep expertise to the Board during her tenure.

"On behalf of Bird's Board of Directors, management, employees, and stakeholders, I thank Ms. DuPont for her stewardship of the important progress in Bird’s corporate governance and human resources practices including its executive compensation program, in addition to her other invaluable contributions to the Board over the past 13 years," said Mr. Paul R. Raboud, Chair of the Board of Directors.

Ms. DuPont was named to the top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada list each year from 2001 to 2006, and in 2007, was inducted into the Top 100 Hall of Fame. In 2008, she was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Regina and in 2011 was presented with an Honorary Bachelor’s Degree in Technology by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Ms. DuPont also received an Honorary LLD from the University of Calgary in 2017 and is the past chair of the Board of Governors at the University. In 2019, Ms. DuPont was appointed to the Alberta Order of Excellence.

More information on Bird’s Board of Directors can be found here.

The Toronto Stock Exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For further information, contact:
T.L. McKibbon, President & CEO or
W.R. Gingrich, CFO
Bird Construction Inc.
5700 Explorer Drive, Suite 400
Mississauga, ON L4W 0C6
Phone: (905) 602-4122

About Bird Construction

Bird (TSX: BDT) is a leading Canadian construction company operating from coast-to-coast and servicing all of Canada's major markets. Bird provides a comprehensive range of construction services from new construction for industrial, infrastructure and buildings markets to industrial maintenance, repair and operations services, heavy civil construction, and mine support services, as well as vertical infrastructure, including electrical, mechanical, and specialty trades. For over 100 years, Bird has been a people-focused company with an unwavering commitment to safety and a high level of service that provides long-term value for all stakeholders.


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