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East Hants Aquatic Centre

The facility hosts a variety of aquatic and non-aquatic programs, and is a hub for the community, contributing to the social, physical, and community well-being of residents.

The centre provides residents from across the region with increased options for year-round aquatic programming and recreational activities. It includes a six-lane, 25-metre lap pool, an accessible leisure spray pool, a lazy river, and other features such as an outdoor splash pad, a slide, and a multi-purpose room.
The Municipality of the District of East Hants
TEAL Architects
Contract Type
Stipulated Sum
Project Size
2,700 sq. m
(29,063 sq. ft)
Project Value
Exterior of East Hants Aquatic Centre showing signage on building
Bird, the ownership team, and the design team, were all committed to using local resources wherever possible. For example, the wood for the showcase 1,500-square-metre Nailed Laminated Timber (NLT) roof over the natatorium was harvested within 10 kilometres of the local sawmill. Bird’s self-perform team manufactured the Nailed Laminated Timber panels straight from the sawmill planers and installed the roof. The wood will perform very well in the aquatic environment due to its hydroscopic properties - it naturally takes on and gives off water to balance out with its surrounding environment and prevents water from condensing on its surface.

Bird’s Mass Timber expertise, industry connections, and skilled self-perform labour force enabled the development of a sustainable and long-lasting solution for an iconic public building.