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August 23, 2017

The Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge 2017

The Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge 2017
August 23, 2017 

The fourth Annual Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge one-day tournament was hosted on Saturday, July 27 at the BMO Centre in Bedford, NS. The teams took to the ice alongside professional hockey players that were drafted to each team by order of their fundraising efforts.

The NHL and affiliated players included: Alex Grant (Boston Bruins), Justin Vaive (Buffalo Sabres), Zach Sill (Washington Capitals), Shawn O’Donnell (Nashville Predators), Ryan Penny (Philadelphia Flyers), Liam O’Brien (Washington Capitals), Andrew Bodnarchuk (Dallas Stars), Riley Barber (Washington Capitals), Stephen MacAulay (Florida Panthers), Steve Swavely (Philadelphia Flyers), Matt Willows (San Jose Sharks), Matthew Highmore (Chicago Blackhawks) and Darren Rumble (Tampa Bay Lightning).

The event had plenty of Bird spirit this year, from our Halifax district office’s Jonathan Higgins, who led the BOLD Pylons, an industry team built of Bird, Ocean Contractors, Lindsay Construction and Dexter Construction staff members to the Dads n Lads team captain, Jake Brennan, who is currently a Bird summer student and son of Jim Brennan, former executive of Bird, who also played on the team. In addition, Stantec, one of our primary design partners across the country, entered a team called the Stantec Stingers. Lastly, Bird’s President and CEO, Ian Boyd, joined the JB17 team this year — while they didn’t win the Boyd’s Cup, they were the top team in fundraising achievements raising over $47,000.

At the end of the day, the event raised $160,000, bringing its four-year total to $560,000 for inherited heart disease research.

Bird is proud to be a lead sponsor, along with CIBC, for the Jordan Boyd Celebrity Hockey Challenge.


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