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Agricultural Chemicals & Agricultural Industrial 

In the agricultural chemicals and industrial sectors, our expertise lies in supporting the potash, nitrogen, and phosphate industries. We specialize in constructing, maintaining, and expanding facilities crucial for agricultural chemical production, offering comprehensive services throughout their lifecycle. Tailoring solutions to our clients' needs ensures a steady supply of essential nutrients for agriculture. Our projects in nitrogen production, phosphate processing, and potash distribution prioritize sustainability and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to the agricultural community.

Bird provides specialized construction management and optimization services across our subsectors. In nitrogen, we develop advanced production and storage facilities for a reliable supply. For phosphate, our focus is on extraction and processing to yield high-quality products. Expertise in potash mining, processing, and distribution supports the agricultural and industrial supply chain. Through each initiative, our goal is to enhance productivity and sustainability, positioning us as a trusted partner in the agricultural chemicals and industrial sector.


  • Nitrogen
  • Processing & Terminal
  • Phosphate & Potash
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Agri-Chemicals Projects

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