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Exterior of compressor station and downstream site

Chemicals & Fuels, Oil & Gas

In the Upstream sector, we focus on extraction processes, employing advanced techniques and technologies to optimize resource retrieval while minimizing environmental impact. Our Midstream services encompass conveyance solutions and carbon storage, leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure efficient and eco-friendly transportation of resources. In the Downstream sector, we excel in processing, transforming raw materials into valuable end products with precision and care.

Our services extend to the Chemicals industry, where we apply our in-depth knowledge in handling complex chemical processes and operations. We also contribute to sustainable energy initiatives through our involvement in Blue Hydrogen projects, supporting the transition to cleaner fuel alternatives.

Our core competencies include fabrication, piping, equipment setting, structural steel, earthwork, concrete, electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA systems. These capabilities enable us to provide cost-effective, consistent solutions that span construction, operations, and maintenance phases.

Bird takes pride in our specialization in the development and deployment of efficient one-pass trenching services. This includes the installation of composite and steel pipelines, HDPE water line installation, horizontal directional drilling, and the setup of cathodic protection and electrical cable systems.

Our approach is collaborative and solutions-based, tailored around each client's specific processes and procedures. This client-centric model allows us to deliver projects successfully, fostering positive industry change and setting new benchmarks in the Chemicals & Fuels, and Oil & Gas sectors.


  • Upstream (Extraction)
  • Midstream (Conveyance & Carbon Storage)
  • Downstream (Processing) Chemicals, Blue Hydrogen, Other
  • Chemicals
  • Blue Hydrogen
  • Biofuels 
Various pipes on an oil and gas extraction site

Oil, Gas, LNG & Chemicals Projects

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