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November 08, 2017

Bird's Calgary Composting Project Receives CCPPP Award

Bird's Calgary Composting Project Receives CCPPP Award
Nov 8, 2017 

The Calgary Composting Facility has been awarded a Silver National Award for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships by the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP). The award was presented to recognize the Project’s excellence and innovation in project development, financing, service delivery, infrastructure investment and economic benefit, which result in the enhanced quality of public services.

The facility consists of a main processing building and an adjacent curing building and storage area.In total, the three main structures are more than 500,000-square-feet in size and provide a completely enclosed and covered process area. The largest composting facility in Canada and the first constructed under a P3 model, each year the facility will compost approximately 100,000 tonnes of organic waste collected in a new city-wide compost program. The facility will also compost approximately 45,500 wet tonnes per year of dewatered biosolids from The City’s Bonnybrook wastewater treatment plant.

The project utilizes The City of Calgary’s public-private partnership funding model in a design-build operate structure that included short term financing through the construction phase. In structuring the Chinook Resources Management General Partnership (CRMG) team, Bird partnered with Maple Reinders Inc. and focused on identifying key firms who possessed the sector expertise and resources necessary to successfully execute and deliver this important DBFO initiative. There was also a focus on the long-term integration and continuity of the team to meet the requirements of the operational phase of the project.

The team brought together first-class partners, with leading P3 design, construction and maintenance experience, and included Bird Construction divisions Bird Capital Limited Partnership, Bird Design-Build Construction Inc. and Nason Contracting Ltd., together with its partners. The team developed a winning solution which incorporates innovation, environmental stewardship and outstanding building and service quality while at the same time delivering overall value for money to the City of Calgary today and into the future. Currently into the operations period, the CRMG team is operating this innovative facility with flexibility and very limited performance failure demonstrating the effectiveness of the P3 delivery model.



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